Who Will Do The Dishes Decision Coin



Who’s turn is it to do the Dishes decision coin.. This item is perfect to settle that usual debate about which of you will do the dishes after that perfect meal. Don’t worry even if you have a dishwasher someone still has to unload and load it..! Well argue no more as this flip coin will decide for you. Who will put on the marigolds and who will sit back and relax? Flip to find out!

These rustic looking coins are made from beech wood discs which have been carefully sourced, cut and sanded in the U.K.

After this they are laser cut with our own made design this is a one of a kind design not to be found anywhere else Totally Unique to us at Knotty_baby.

They are great for all occasion’s such as:

Mothers Day
Fathers Day the list goes on.

The sizes: Solid Beech Coin 35mm

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